Display Solutions

Display Solution

Jewellexy offers experiential, immersive, and cohesive display options to create iconic interiors.

Custom design to match your brand image

We create best-in-class tailored solutions to immerse customers in your brand’s ethos and also aid in engaging customers by conceptualizing interiors to make your products stand out.

Quality controlled for durability & high standard finish

Our designs are known for their aesthetics and quality. Every piece is created with the best quality raw materials with the dedication to provide a seamless finish and exquisite elegance.

Display Collections

Every genre of display collection is unique, our unrivalled depth of expertise allows us to deliver everything you need to get your products noticed, from expertly lit display cabinets to branded trays and gloves for the final flourish.

Eris Collection

Our Eris genre is one of the finest creations from us. It is made from materials that are synonymous with luxury. While this collection is customizable to your brands’ story, the quality of the contents particular to this collection is aristocratic.

Ceres Collection

Ceres is our most customizable cluster of products. While quality is never compromised at Jewellexy, this set of product lines can be tailor-made to your requirements. Ceres is our most flexible line and can be fine-tuned to your brands’ requirements.

Experience Created

Our goal is to immerse your customers in the experience and culture of the brand’s aesthetic, while also making sure the experiences for your customers are immersive and unique to your brand and your stores.

How we work

We are passionate about our creations, and we believe in delivering elegant pieces of display forms to create an experience connected to your brand identity.

Design Consultation

We build a cohesive strategy beginning with the location and its aesthetics. After considering the store layout for window displays, the colours, interior themes, and style chosen, we provide floor plans for the presentation of goods and all aspects of interior design, lighting and use of imagery.

Planning & Approvals

While we make sure that the customer experiences you want to deliver with your brand are unique to your brand and your stores. We provide a physical component to get your approval. Our client’s satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Execution & Maintenance

While we are continuously evolving and giving you the best display solutions. We gladly provide your maintenance service smoothly and securely. We will ensure that our work will always be of the best quality and we will go above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied with our products.