About Us

About Us

Jewellexy began with a vision to enhance visual impact and brand value proposition of jewellery brands. Our array of packaging and display assets are developed with skills and knowledge from over 20 years of experience in the visual merchandising industry. Since its inception, Jewellexy has been defining and delivering iconic and memorable customer experiences with their expertise and exquisite taste in beautifully crafted interior displays.

Handcrafted jewellery display and packaging

Jewellexy is well known for its taste and craft in visual merchandising, handcrafted jewellery display and packaging. Jewellexy as a brand helps companies engage customers, conceptualise interiors to present an attractive proposition to entice customers in their stores.

Jewellexy design solutions represent best-in-class tailored solutions to make your luxury products showcase their classical values of heritage and timelessness.

Our techniques of defining the display

Our techniques of defining the display is both immersive and experiential. We believe that a brand’s esteem is closely connected with its heritage, elegance, and creativity in providing a premium, indulgent shopping experience.

Our designs are prerogative to showcase a brand’s virtue and deepen customer experiences. The aesthetics of the store and product display is a vital component for a luxury jewellery showroom, when effectively applied the merchandise moves and profits soar.

Chairman’s Message

Our R&D and extensive experience have enabled Jewellexy to add value to many national and home-grown jewellery retailers. We firmly believe in the importance of attention to detail and the aesthetic quality of our products. Since the beginning, our ethics has always been to provide a high-quality, well-priced product with speedy production time and top-notch customer service. We promise to give our customers the best now and always.