Jewellexy’s Guide to visual merchandising : Luxury Display Solutions

The History of Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a creative and artistic practice that helps in commercial gains and building customer trust. A brand or a seller’s story can be told in a more captivating way through Visual Merchandising rather than showcasing elaborate store décor. The idea of visual merchandising was first introduced to proper retail in 1883 by Harry Gordon Selfridge when used to work at Marshall Fields. He once decided to make products more in reach to customers by replacing counters with tables for display instead.

Luxury Jewelry brands incorporate ingenious visual merchandising approaches to transform their store with each season’s collection and culture. This practice helps them keep their brand image in sync with the display and keep it unique and different every time a customer walks in.

What is Visual Merchandising? 

Visual merchandising is about creating an exceptional atmosphere marked with a unique ambiance that resonates with the brand identity. Many retailers take advantage of their space to ensure an optimal experience with their products which ultimately helps with sales.

What are the 4 elements of Visual merchandising:

  1. Store exterior.
  2. Store layout.
  3. Store interior.
  4. Interior display

How can it help my brand?

We live in an age where everything is visual. To sell your luxury and jewelry products, you need to make them appealing so that people who are just viewing them can quickly be turned into customers. In jewelry retail, a lot of high-end, extravagant products are not easy to sell on their own. Therefore, store owners invest in window displays, display cases, lighting, music, scent, etc. to not just sell a product, but to sell an experience instead.

Jewellexy is an AI-powered digital marketing and business networking platform serving the Jewellery industry. It is the largest jewelry marketplace with 2 Lac listed businesses, which is a one-stop solution for all your Visual Merchandising needs:

To understand more about how VM and Jewellexy can help you create a healthy business, you need to understand its tools.

Tools used in visual merchandising:

Color and lighting:

Ask any jewelry designer, retailer, or merchandiser about visual merchandising and they will emphasize the importance of color in your jewelry retail showroom/store. Color helps with identifying a brand and it draws customers’ eyes to various parts of the store. This is the reason why Jewellexy focuses on each and every aspect of color and lighting used to create the ambiance of the store.

Fresh Display:

Our brain is constantly working along with all our five sense organs, the sense of luxury and trust can only be created if the visual appeal is aesthetic, clean, and attractive. Jewellexy’s unique way of creating the best-in-class display optimizes our brain’s abilities which can easily sense the repeated designs and interiors. Whenever we visit a shop we want to see the fresh displays and new designs. Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep our display changing according to the season and events.

Focal Points:

Jewellexy’s recommendation can help you create your focal points from complete to zero to the maximum possible number. Whenever we walk into a jewelry store we tend to gravitate towards the attractive pieces of jewelry on display and this makes us take a complete round of the store and see all the displayed items. Creating several focal points is very important. Placing the product on a pedestal, a mannequin, or under golden light are ways of pulling the customer’s attention to buy it. 

In your jewelry store, you can have multiple focal points – near the entrance, near each department/room of your store, etc. You can use special lighting or digital signage to attract attention to these important sections of your store.

Countertop Stands:

Your counter is the place where all the customers come after watching the whole store, so it is compelled to be neat, clean, and attractive. Generally, items of last-moment purchase are put on a countertop display, this could be a very useful way of selling the new designs and less expensive items from there. It might sound like a very nominal thing, but it is a very important place where the countertop stands correctly, it makes your whole display game a gem or a total loss. Jewellexy helps to figure out the perfect number and perfect position of countertop displays to keep your display game consistent.

Visual Merchandising is a very useful method of planning the whole store and brand display. This helps in creating a physical place that appeals to and speaks to the customer itself. Jewellexy is the market leader in creating visuals that make your Jewelry store unique and make it a luxurious store.

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